What makes Dad Day Box unique?

Let’s be honest—there are a lot of subscription boxes out there. Some bring you food, some bring you clothes, others bring you toys. And while that’s great for filling pantries, closets, and toy boxes, we at Dad Day Box are dedicated to something a little less…tangible. 

Simply put: Dad Day Box delivers time together. We provide the ideas, products, and planning needed to create a special day (or days) each month for dads to spend with their kids. 

Things are fine. Memories are better. 


Is Dad Day Box just for dads? 

The mission of Dad Day Box is to help dads everywhere spend more meaningful time with their kids. (Check out our About Us page to learn more about how the box came to be.)

But we know that no two families are alike, and meaningful time together is important for all parents and kids. So moms, grandparents, uncles, aunts…don’t let the name scare you. If you’re looking to spend a day making memories with your kid(s), Dad Day Box may be right for you. 


How many items are included in each Dad Day Box?

The number of individual items will vary depending on the types of activities to be completed each month. We design each box to fill a dedicated day, and many of the activities can be repeated over time.


What kinds of activities can I expect to find in a Dad Day Box?

Each Dad Day Box comes with new opportunities to Create, Learn, Play, and Do. We provide an engaging variety of projects, challenges, crafts, and family team-building activities, all of which are designed to inspire fun, collaboration, imagination, and bonding.


How do I cancel my Dad Day Box membership?

You can cancel your membership before the 25th of each month by logging in to your account and selecting “Cancel Membership.” 

You can also manage your membership, including cancellation, through the confirmation emails you receive.

We are unable to provide refunds for memberships cancelled after the 25th of each month.


What is your return policy?

Each month’s Dad Day Box is uniquely designed, and we do not currently accept returns. If there is an error or shipping issue with your box, please email us at info@daddaybox.com.