About Us

You won’t believe it, but this whole Dad Day Box thing? It all started with…a dad. Pretty crazy, right? Well, buckle in.

That dad’s name is Josh, and he has two awesome kids, Benjamin and Charlie. Together, the three of them make an incredible fort-building, puppet-making, puzzle-doing team. But a while back, Josh noticed a problem. Like a lot parents, he found that work and other responsibilities had a way of messing with the team chemistry. With time in short supply, it seemed far too easy for TV screens and tired routines to replace meaningful time together.

Not content to let those fort skills fade, Josh came up with an idea. He began setting aside special “Dad Days” on his calendar—days fully dedicated to spending time with Benjamin and Charlie. He filled those days with creative activities that steered away from screens and, instead, provided opportunities for bonding, learning, and fun.

These “Dad Days” were an immediate hit with the kids (and with mom), and they’ve since become an essential family tradition—a tradition that Josh ultimately wanted to share with others. So, he started Dad Day Box with a simple goal in mind: To help dads everywhere spend more meaningful time with their kids.

[soft applause, please]

We’re glad that you’re interested in Dad Day Box, and we look forward to delivering time together! To keep up with with the latest boxes, activities, and promotions, subscribe to our email list or simply become a member and start your very own Dad Day tradition.