What's a Dad Day Box?

Dad Day Boxes are designed and curated for dads to have fun-filled, memory making days with their kids each month.

Each box contains a variety of activities from experiments to projects to games and more. No extra shopping, planning or effort is required... just open the box and have your Dad Day!

Each Dad Day Box comes with new opportunities to Create, Learn, Play, and Do. We're committed to designing and discovering new and unique activities to make every box special.

Plus, most Dad Day activities are repeatable, so the fun can continue anytime!

Dad Day Box Sale
  • A Homemade Carnival!

    From carnival games to magic tricks to popcorn and more, this box brings the carnival straight to your house! Without any of the weird smells!

  • A Very Dino Christmas!

    Want to know who always gets left out of the holidays? Dinosaurs! A dino experiment plus dino games and activities make boredom go extinct!

  • A Box So Fun It's Scary!

    Is it possible to pack too much fun into a box? Maybe. A fun game plus a delicious recipe, an obstacle course, a silly craft and more made this box scary fun!

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